Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Augmented Reality card I made recently. This piece is working fine and should work on your computer screen.(Just ensure the brightness of your monitor is down low)

2 avatar portraits. Pictured here holding their corrupted data hearts.

Some illustrations I created using Nick Briz'sssssss video corruption tutorial. The tutorial is fantastic  and I recommend anyone interested in glitches check it out. What's most interesting about these illustrations is that I have an augmented reality aspect to them. Augmented Reality is something I have been working on all throughout my final year in college and it is an incredibly exciting new field. For my degree show I will be having an augmented reality exhibition so that the general public can enjoy this new fascinating medium.
Sadly however I cannot make it available online just yet. The quality with computer screens can be very poor and I have to do a little bit of file organising to get this particular AR piece working again