Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Augmented Reality card I made recently. This piece is working fine and should work on your computer screen.(Just ensure the brightness of your monitor is down low)

2 avatar portraits. Pictured here holding their corrupted data hearts.

Some illustrations I created using Nick Briz'sssssss video corruption tutorial. The tutorial is fantastic  and I recommend anyone interested in glitches check it out. What's most interesting about these illustrations is that I have an augmented reality aspect to them. Augmented Reality is something I have been working on all throughout my final year in college and it is an incredibly exciting new field. For my degree show I will be having an augmented reality exhibition so that the general public can enjoy this new fascinating medium.
Sadly however I cannot make it available online just yet. The quality with computer screens can be very poor and I have to do a little bit of file organising to get this particular AR piece working again

Thursday, November 24, 2011

  Some experiments with a new Jpeg glitcher that a friend made for me which displays all the different components of the jpeg file! The work put into this software is astounding and is built using the full 180 page specs of the jpeg file format. I owe alot to this person! I hope to pass it on to the glitch community in the next week so links will be posted up here and on twitter. Hopefully with feedback the software can be used to come up with some new interesting artwork and also evolve into something beyond what it is now. The programmer really wants people to give feedback,questions and suggestions. He has 1000's of ideas but just needs people to give him a reason to pursue them.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A PNG corruption with some post-messing-around in the aul' photoshop. Hopefully PNG corruption becomes easier as the year progresses because it can store alpha channels within its files which could lead to very interesting imagery.

 Some experiments corrupting Jpeg images! Thank you Ted Davis for the help understanding jpeg corruption
Check out HEADer_REMIX at

Monday, August 8, 2011

A new interest of mine

A mod of the game shadow of the colossus by "wwwarea" that I think is absolutely fantastic. I love seeing a mythical cult-hit video game's ripped open with it's digital side shown to the world. Shadow of the colossus contained a huge amount of supernatural content with fantastical giant creatures that you would compare to the greek Titans so it is nice that the coding and modelling that went into this digital world can be seen alongside this great content.