Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A sort of preview

The characters in this picture are on 2 different sides of the glitch boundary. This will be used hopefully as part of a bigger and more final illustration. So stay tuned

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Photo corruption using sonification. I love the luminosity of my glitched images. That POP! colour is something that can only be experienced on a screen so hopefully one day I'll acquire some thin A2 screens that I could use to display my work.

A unique property of 3d models is that they can pass through one another with no resistance. They're virtual bodies that aren't limited by the electro-magnetic force. An incredibly odd existence if they were to be given an awareness aswell. Maybe we should have a 3d modelling modernism where everything is overlayed and passing through everything else. A digital cubism!

A fascinating talk by John Maeda about new media art. A wonderful video that considers humans as living in two worlds simultaneously; the digital and physical. Maeda equates the bit to the atom and suggests ways we should be approaching new digital art.

Corruption at a high amount like this image pushes the viewer to look closer and find the shapes and bodies within the mess. Corruption for me represents the complexity of the computer beyond the streamlined and glossy desktop interface. John Maeda aswell as A.Michael Noll really changed my perceptions of the computer and made me realise I always considered the rectangular desktop and its pixels as the computer but they are only a representation of a complex thinking machine. Imagine a computer with no screen, just a keyboard, and it becomes far more mysterious.

Corruption really draws attention to the process. Like scratches and distortion on an analogue photo.

Using sonification I corrupted a tif file that had been created using Autodesk Maya. I think I may have invented the longest and most drawn out way of creating a 2d image. However the imagery is really enjoyable to me and is made even more special by the fact that corruption is a random to semi-random process so colours and compositions are an unpredictable thing.
Always remember to change the byte order of your Tif images from (rgbrgb) to (rrggbb) and NO COMPRESSION.

My first post

This blog is for documenting my artwork.

My artwork is about spiritualising the modern digital environment. Many of the primitive ideas concerning the supernatural such as flying, great speed and long life have been achieved through modern technology. I feel the new digital environments are a realisation of the tribal concept of the spirit world; an alternate dimension for people to engage and interact with other human beings as well as alien forces.

In my theory work I am looking into different ways of perceiving the computer and moving past its associations with convenience and leisure. This will all be part of my final year of college at NCAD so here's to getting a good start!
My first image: