Monday, August 8, 2011

A new interest of mine

A mod of the game shadow of the colossus by "wwwarea" that I think is absolutely fantastic. I love seeing a mythical cult-hit video game's ripped open with it's digital side shown to the world. Shadow of the colossus contained a huge amount of supernatural content with fantastical giant creatures that you would compare to the greek Titans so it is nice that the coding and modelling that went into this digital world can be seen alongside this great content.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Took some tinkering but it's done

My latest work. I got the majority of this piece done last month however I couldn't find the right things to make the composition work and along with other projects/ jobs I had to put this to the side. But now here it is. All done ( I think)
The character at the centre of this image is stepping out of the chaos/complexity below and reaching out to a digital treasure with a companion avatar looking on. The 2 figures at the top I consider gaurdians/ minor deities who protect this object and also have an authority over this cyber world. I also see them as part of a hieararchy of digital deities.
So anyway too many words can kill something enjoyable. Please look and just enjoy looking.

I think I will be moving away from this background colour with my future works. I'm still at the early stages so there's still lots to explore!