Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Took some tinkering but it's done

My latest work. I got the majority of this piece done last month however I couldn't find the right things to make the composition work and along with other projects/ jobs I had to put this to the side. But now here it is. All done ( I think)
The character at the centre of this image is stepping out of the chaos/complexity below and reaching out to a digital treasure with a companion avatar looking on. The 2 figures at the top I consider gaurdians/ minor deities who protect this object and also have an authority over this cyber world. I also see them as part of a hieararchy of digital deities.
So anyway too many words can kill something enjoyable. Please look and just enjoy looking.

I think I will be moving away from this background colour with my future works. I'm still at the early stages so there's still lots to explore!

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