Sunday, July 31, 2011

An old experiment with printers

(-The finished album cover ^ )
The glitched artwork I'm making at the moment falls under the general heading of obsolete technology experiments and realising this I thought I'd pop up 2 album covers I created for a trad band in donegal a looong time ago.

I made them during my second year of college and I'm quite proud of both of them (however the green cover was turned down) I created the images by making a quick layout on photoshop and then printing them out.
It was at this point I had my fun; getting hands on with the printed image (scratching, damaging and using the mistakes). At the time I was using an inkjet printer on some glossy photographic paper which doesn't absorb the ink very fast so before the ink had a chance to dry I rubbed, stroked and scratched the surface to get some odd distortions. The black inks were absorbed almost instantly and I was never able to move them much however the CMY colours were free as a bird!
After this I turned to my family scanner and popped my images back into the computer for a re-touchin' and a fiddlin'. The experiment made good use of the printers specific properties and gave me an image that would be hard to recreate in another medium. So I was happy. It was fun to use the printer for representation rather than just a tool for perfect replication.

(-The first try ^)

After the first design was turned down and I was starting work for the second version I noticed my printer was running low on ink during the week. I really liked where the different inks were cutting out during printing and figured it'd be a good next step for experimenting. It left strange marks and patterns on the print and had a bit of unpredictability so I was excited. It took a few trys but I ended up settling on two images which I then scanned in and combined in photoshop. Insert colour adjustment, typography.. double-check composition.. well Bada-bing Bada-Boom Its done! :D And I have an album cover for a Donegal trad band!

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